Slot machine characteristics Six Cards Poker

Six Cards Poker
Leander Games
Slot type
Video slots
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Number of drums
Min. number of coins per line
Max. number of coins per line
Bonus game
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Free spins

Another version of poker is available for 6 Card Poker players. Nothing out of the ordinary: a sleek table with markings, different denominations of chips, playing cards and a state-of-the-art control panel. All pictures are in HD resolution, which gives realism to the design. The feeling of being in a gambling establishment also arises due to the bright background music, which is mainly heard in such establishments.

Poker 6 Cards has the following characteristics:

  • The number of cards for a single “hand” is 6;
  • The number of cards in the deck – 52
  • Bets –20-1000 coins;
  • The minimum jackpot is 20,000 coins;
  • Prize games are not.

Slot machine control

The bet is made by placing chips on the required field: “Ante” – the main bet, “B +” – the bonus bet. After the bets are made and the cards are dealt, 4 buttons appear with some actions:

  • “Buy” – adds with one additional card;
  • “Draw” – can replace any cards;
  • “Fold” – pass;
  • “Bet” – can double the bet.

If you have questions about how to play Poker without Gamstop and registration process, you can always find the answers in the help sections.

There are two types of bets in the 6 Card Poker Chip Slot Machine. Indispensable – “Anta”, and new – “Bonus Plus”. An additional bet can bring a jackpot if the gamer has a poker set, starting from Three of a kind and upwards. The “Anta” bet must be higher than the “Bonus +” bet.

Playing 6 Card Poker for real money with bonus bets

The “Play” button will be the start for the distribution of cards. The dealer can turn in about 5 cards. He can light up his own top card. At this time, the fate of bonus bets may be decided. If users do not have winning combinations, or it turns out to be less important than the three, the “Bonus Plus” bet will be lost. With luck, the gamer will be credited to his own wallet in accordance with the coefficient promised by the combinations he has.

Playing 6 Card Poker for rubles with the “Anta” bet

Let’s move on to the gameplay  at the “Anta” bet. After reviewing the set of cards, the gamer decides:

  • Give up. By clicking on the button of the same name, the player admits his own defeat and voluntarily says goodbye to the stakes at stake.
  • Raise your rate. The amount at stake is equal to 2 “Anta”. Then the dealer can open his own cards. If there are more combinations of a gamer, he can get a jackpot worth two generally indispensable bets. If the set of available cards is worse than those of the dealer, then the bet goes to the last one.
  • Buy 6th card. When evaluating the 6th card, you can surrender, losing your bet, or raise your bet and open the card. By paying 1 “Antu” the player can replace one card. To do this, mark the inappropriate card and click on “Change”. Then again decisions can be made to surrender or raise the bet and show the cards.

Play slot machine in demo mode or for real money

You can try out 6 Card Poker for free with no registration process today. The demo mode gives you the opportunity to better study the game and “fill your hand” by learning to calculate your own actions. Although, if you like games that do not require a special mind, then you can try a very gambling and simple Baccarat slot machine.

Playing Poker 6 Cards for free over time can get bored, you want real income. That’s when you need to visit the official gambling establishment Eldorado, where you can play for real amounts, you just need to go through a short registration and replenish your account in licensed online casino.

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