Best deposit casino bonuses UK 2022

The practice of first deposit welcome promotions is widespread at online casinos non Gamstop. Therefore, it is important for players to understand the mechanism of their operation and the conditions under which they are made available.

In fact, such a promotion is a free credit that can be used to play as well as for real money. If the player is able to meet all the wagering requirements for the bonus, he will be able to transfer the bonus account balance to the game account from which money can be withdrawn.

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Types of deposit bonuses casinos not on Gamstop

Almost always, the maximum amount of such a promotion is limited. Therefore, it makes no sense to deposit more than the amount specified in the terms and conditions for getting the bonus offer. The casino will not grant a bonus greater than the one specified in the regulations. At the same time, however, it should be taken into account that if the deposit is less than the minimum amount specified in the terms and conditions of the promotion, the player will not be able to take advantage of the bonus offer.

Online casino deposit bonuses come in three types:casino deposit bonuses

  1. Classic cash bonus (deposit bonus);
  2. Freespins for recharging;
  3. Cash bonus and deposit bonuses free spins at casinos (registration).

The first type is also divided into:

  • You receive a welcome bonus when you make your first deposit. It is the largest and therefore you can quickly recover the amount paid to your game account with its help.
  • The second, third and fourth deposit bonuses are usually charged at 50% to 100%  deposit bonus of the amount deposited into the game account.
  • A regular bonus is awarded to the player who makes a deposit on a specific date (day, month, day of the week, etc.) set by the casino. Its size is usually 25% of the deposited amount, sometimes the days of cash for this share vary.

The third category bonuses are considered the most profitable because they give the player more options.

Bonuses also vary in size and maximum amount. For example, a casino bonus of 200% deposit bonus up to 30 pound will be less profitable than a deposit bonus of 100% up to 100 pound. In the latter case, you can get a lot more money for free to play. In addition, bets on large (percentage) bonuses are often more difficult to recover.

To use the bonus offers as effectively as possible, please read the terms and conditions and specify the days when it is most profitable to deposit funds into your account.

The most popular bonus:

Best casino first deposit bonuses UK

Requirements for collecting casino bonuses

The player cannot withdraw the bonus immediately after receiving it. The casino always requires you to wager bonus amounts (also called wagering requirements or “wagering”).

Bonus rollovers means that the amount wagered on any game must be a certain multiple of their original value. For example, with a gift of $ 100 and a wagering requirement of x40, you would need to wager $ 4,000. If the game is slots and you have to wager $ 10, you will have to play 400 rounds (regardless of wins and losses). It is during the betting process that players most often lose their bonus funds.

Two types of wagering requirements are known:first deposit bonuses

  • Only the amount of the bonus awarded counts towards the wagering requirement. If a $ 100 deposit results in a 200% bonus with a x20 bet, this means you need to play the amount of $ 200 20 times, i.e. the total amount of the rollover bets must be $ 4,000.
  • The cumulative requirement takes into account the amount of the bonus and the deposit. If we use the example above, it will be necessary to wager $ 6,000 as the basis for the vager is $ 100 deposit + $ 200 voucher, which equals $ 300, which must be wagered 20 times.

There is a known variation of the deposit bonus that can be withdrawn into a gaming account without placing any bets in the usual sense. This is possible because the wagering rules determine the order in which the money is used for rollover bets – in this example the game is played with money from the player’s account first, and then, if the player’s account is exhausted, the bonus account is operational. If the player manages to meet the bonus conditions without resorting to the bonus account, he can withdraw money from it.

The UK online casino often prefer to combine the deposit and funds accumulated in promotions into one big bonus, with smaller (sometimes double) wagering requirements. Despite the tempting offer, it is not profitable for the player, because it is limited in several parameters – maximum bet amount, list of games, etc. But most importantly: in order to be able to withdraw money, you will have to bet two or even three times the amount of the deposit. You will not be able to use this money until you meet the rollover conditions, and if you try to withdraw your bonus all winnings will be void and the casino will only refund you the amount originally deposited.

Based on the above, you should carefully consider whether to accept the bonus offers or only play the deposit amount.

Deposit Bonus Terms

In addition to reviewing the wagering requirements, there are a few other important points to consider for the player.

  • The maximum amount of winnings in the bonus that can be withdrawn. If the promotion specifies a maximum amount that a player can withdraw after placing a bet, any money greater than this amount will go to the casino account. In other words, if the withdrawal limit for a deposit bonus is $ 500 and the player won $ 800 after receiving it, they will only be able to withdraw $ 500.
  • Time limit. There is a certain period of time to place a bet – usually a month. If the player does not meet the wagering requirements within this time, the bonus will be canceled.
  • Limitation of the maximum amount of bets. Online casinos, when spinning a bonus, limit the maximum bet size to avoid that the bonus hunter can maximize it by betting on a single winning line in a high volatility game (e.g. one number in roulette).

With this in mind, be aware that most gaming houses do not limit bets on a system level, and if a player by ignorance or inadvertence exceeds the set limit, the casino uses this breach as a reason to keep the money won. This mistake is often made by beginners.

There is a gamble button to bypass the wagering limits. Its use gives the possibility of increasing the probability of doubling the win by 50%, it increases the variance of the game. For this reason, casinos often place restrictions on bonus withdrawals and also limit the list of games where such a button can be used. Also note that different casinos determine how much of the bonus can be used in a game of doubling up differently.

The casino strategy is based on playing with amateurs, not statistical experts. Therefore, please make sure that your preferred game is subject to all deposit bonus terms and conditions before making a deposit.

Casinos with the best no wagering deposit bonuses for UK players

  • 1
    Kaboom Slots logo
    Bonus up to:
    175% at to 40 EUR up to 1 000 EUR
    First deposit bonus
    1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars
    4.00 / 5
  • 2
    Fortune Clock Casino logo
    Bonus up to:
    € 5 + 15 Free Spins
    No Deposit Bonus
    1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars
    4.71 / 5
  • 3
    Voodoo Wins logo
    Bonus up to:
    1st deposit bonus
    1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars
    3.67 / 5

How do I withdraw my winnings from the deposit bonus?

How can I withdraw my bonus winnings? Of course, get your casino bonus back. The easiest way is to spend your own money on a certain number of bets. If successful, the player will receive both the bonus and the money earned from wagering. In wagering, the bonus can be a percentage of the bet, called the contribution. This percentage, depending on the variety of slot machines, ranges from zero to one hundred percent.

Zero Percent is used when the bet size does not matter and only takes into account the number of bets. With a 100% stake in wagers, the total amount of bets is taken into account. The most common are intermediate values of the contribution.

The time for trading the bonus is strictly limited. This restriction requires the player to be active during the day, week, month or some other limited period – it all depends on the conditions of the game in question. The more significant the bonus, the more the time limit for wagering will be compressed.

casino deposit bonuses

Often a bonus will burn out if additional conditions are not met. Usually it is a question of accepting bets only on a strictly defined range of slot machines or slots.

Thanks to the rules for calculating bonuses and the existing bans, it makes sense to familiarize yourself with them immediately after registering in a virtual gambling establishment. Otherwise, the effort put into the game may be wasted and lead to significant losses as the bets are carried out at the expense of the player’s real money.

Unfavorable conditions for the withdrawal of bonus amounts are deliberately set by the casinos. As a rule, you first have to top up your balance with your own funds and it is these funds that will be deducted first. Accrued bonus can be spent only after resetting the current player’s account. Therefore, wagering a bonus usually involves the initial wagering of your own funds.

If you are unsure of your own abilities, trying to outsmart the casino is not worth it. This may result in the total blocking of the account and getting on the “blacklist” of a given gambling institution. For example, closing a free fruit games slot without activating the fall-out bonus allows you to restart the slot to get your winnings. In the casino administration, such activities are considered fraud and are strictly and strictly stopped.

New casino deposit bonuses in UK casinos

Bonus Lucky Barry
150% Bonus for your third deposit
Lucky Barry
3 Deposit Bonus
Bonus Lucky Barry
Lucky Barry
eSports Bonus
Bonus Lucky Barry
Lucky Barry
No deposit bonus
Bonus Lucky Manor
BONUS 100%
Lucky Manor
eSports Bonus
Bonus Lucky Manor
BONUS 100%
Lucky Manor
Sports Bonus
Bonus Lucky Manor
Lucky Manor
No deposit bonus

Deposit bonuses casino Pros

  • Free cash to start. In fact, this is the main reason. However, no one will let you withdraw your bonus of course, it is imperative that you play all “gift” dollars for a certain amount of time in slots. Basically, this is good as this is how the player increases their deposit and their chances of winning.
  • You can play at high limits with the bonuses. Thanks to the increased bancroll, you can play at limits that were previously unavailable without the bonus offered. And you will not be so afraid to risk large amounts anymore, because this money does not come from your wallet, it is offered for free!
  • You play both ways. After making a deposit, you play 100% at the online casino. So why not take advantage of your sign-up bonus and try to win everything back? Suddenly, today luck is on your side, do you know all the secrets of these games? Now you can draw conclusions. However, you should always make sure that you read the offers and terms and conditions (vaggers, games, terms, etc.) carefully before signing up and making a deposit.

Cons of the deposit bonus:

  • All deposit bonuses have a wager. Wager is a wagering requirement. Usually, the casino will only offer a bonus payout after you have wagered e.g. an amount equal to 5, 10 or more bonuses. It’s a little trick, but a lot of people fall for it.
  • You must play certain games to win the sign-up bonus. There are games on which you will never wager your bonus (slots or minimum payout games), and very often casinos force players to play such games.
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Casino Expert

In order to receive the deposit bonus safely and not to worry about the safety of your money, you should only use proven casinos. This way you can start playing the ones that are recommended by most players - the internet is full of reviews and you can also choose the highest and most suitable bonus as each casino offers its own terms and amounts of bonuses. Thorough research must be carried out before starting work.

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