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Asian Handicap is a football betting option. This type of bet originated in Indonesia. And some time later, betting sites with asian handicap became available for players from EU countries, including the UK. According to experts, the Asian handicap is one of the most underestimated types of bets. Many bookmaker visitors, not wanting to understand the current rules, simply ignore this form of betting. But if you carefully study the concept once and analyze the algorithm using a specific example, it turns out that the Asian handicap is a great tool for making a profit. It is recommended to pay attention to the best Asian handicap bookmakers, which offer the most effective conditions for effective betting.

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What is Asian handicap in betting?

In order to better understand what does asian handicap mean, you should understand the features of this type of bet. They are considered advanced and are accepted mainly for events taking place in football not on gamstop. Asian bookies handicap odds are set, taking into account the fact that one of the teams participating in the tournament gets a head start. The handicap can include both whole balls and parts of goals. It is determined before the start of the competition.

The Asian handicap completely excludes the occurrence of a draw. According to the results of the game, the team on which the bet was made can lose or win. It is on these outcomes that the bookmaker provides odds, and the better makes his bet. For a more accurate calculation of the result, you can use the Asian handicap calculator. With the help of simple calculations, you can understand what the payout amount will be if the bet wins.

In order to avoid misunderstandings, you should carefully study the rules and correctly calculate the bet. The fact is that quarter and half goals can confuse inexperienced betters. Beginners are not recommended to bet large amounts of money. You can start with small bets in order to better understand what Asian handicap means and how the results are calculated.

How does Asian handicap work?

 asian football handicapExperienced bookmaker visitors know that for regular football betting, you need to choose one team that is expected to win or draw with an opponent. It turns out that in this case there are three possible outcomes: victory, defeat and a draw.

Often there are no obvious differences between rival teams. In this case, it is recommended to pay attention to the following factors:

  • history of past tournaments;
  • team status;
  • availability of sponsorship;
  • home advantage.

The factors listed above are of great help in choosing the team that will win the match. But in football asian handicap the situation is a little different. The team must achieve certain success in the game. In other words, Asian handicap soccer is a bet on a spread based on the advantage of the winning team. According to experts, using Asian handicap in play (football), bettors can get a solid reward due to fairly high odds.

Benefits of Asian Handicap Betting

It may seem to beginners that Asian handicap betting is a rather complicated type of betting. But after carefully studying the rules, it turns out that Asian handicap bet is a great way to minimize risks. If we conduct a comparative analysis with traditional bets, then there the chances of winning are 30:70. Asian Handicap bets offer a 50:50 chance of winning. By using alternative asian handicap instead of standard bets, bettors can minimize the loss of their own money. And with a competent approach, you can get a solid reward on bets with a handicap. High odds are set on most betting sites. Users can place handicap bets on major football events such as the MX League or the Champions League.

Where to find Asian lines

Football is the most popular sport to bet on asian handicaps. There are asian bookmakers uk that offer handicap bets on other sports, such as hockey, tennis, and so on. But such bookmakers need to look for a long time and carefully analyze the conditions they offer for betting.

For betters from the UK, football betting asian handicap is available on the websites of many bookmakers. Among the advantages of such bookmakers are high odds, wide lines, and detailed lists of events. Additionally, the website of the bookmaker may contain statistics of the teams participating in the matches, an analysis of the tournaments held and forecasts for the future.

Different Asian Handicap Bet Values

There are different options for betting on football with a handicap. An Asian handicap chart will be presented below, indicating the values ​​​​available for betters. The result of a handicap bet depends on the outcome of the match and the selected conditions.

Separately, it is worth noting that alternative asian handicap 0.0 0.5 means a draw or a victory of one team by half a goal. There is also a 1.5 asian handicap, which means a significant increase in handicap. You should choose bets with a handicap value of 1.5 or more only if the difference in the level of teams is obvious. Otherwise, it is better to use a bet with a handicap of 0.

Asian Handicap table

asian handicap table

Zero ball betting – Asian handicap 0.0

Asian handicap 0 is the easiest handicap betting option. It is understood that teams of equal strength participate in the tournament.
As an example, consider the match between Arsenal and Brentford. In this case, the odds for draw bets will look like this:

  • Brentford 2.50
  • Arsenal 2.50
  • Draw 3.00

If there is no draw, then the coefficients will be distributed:

  • Brentford +0.0, factor 1.90
  • Arsenal -0.0, coefficient 1.90

The Asian handicap has a value of 0, so we can conclude that the match is played by opponents of approximately equal strength. In order for the bet 0 asian handicap to play, the team chosen by the better must win. Also, in case of a draw, the bet will be returned. This procedure is called Push.

Asian Handicap -0.25

In order for beginners to better understand the essence of bets, you should start with asian handicap betting explained by looking at an example. Let’s say that Chelsea is going to compete with Manchester United with a handicap of 0.25. Then the coefficients will look like this:

  • Chelsea -0.25, coefficient 2.00
  • Manchester United +0.25 odds 1.85

In this case – 0.25 asian handicap means that Chelsea are a fourth of a goal behind Manchester. Thanks to a bet on a quarter of a goal, even if Chelsea fail to win and the game ends in a draw, the better will get back half of the invested amount.

If the better bet on the victory of Manchester and the team wins at least 1:0, then the winnings will be paid out in the amount of the bet. In case of a draw, only half of the bet is returned.

Asian handicap 0.5 meaning

An Asian handicap -0.5 bet means that the difference between the teams is half a goal. The following situation can be used as an example:Asian handicap 0.5

  • Barcelona -0.5, coefficient 1.90
  • Real Madrid +0.5 odds 1.85

According to the values ​​shown in the example, for the Asian football handicap bet to win, the favorite simply wins. If you bet on the underdog, then the bet will win if this team wins or if it draws.

Using the example above, Barcelona would have to win the match for the better to be rewarded. But due to the fact that Real Madrid has a half-goal advantage, betters will get a win in case of a draw or a win.

Asian handicap – 1 meaning

Betting 1 Asian handicap should be done when one of the opponents plays better than the other. This is how the painting for a bet with a handicap of 1 looks like:

  • Juventus -1.0, coefficient 2.10
  • Milan +1.0, coefficient 1.75

Juventus must score two goals more than the opponent for the Asian handicap 1 bet to work for those bettors who chose this team as a favorite. If Juventus wins by one goal, then the result of the bet will be considered a draw and the better will receive only half of the invested amount. In any other case, the bet loses.

A different situation is obtained for those who bet on Milan. In case of a win, a draw or a loss by one goal difference, the better will receive the winnings in the amount of the bet. The bet will not play if the difference between the teams during the loss of the outsider is two or more goals.

Asian handicap-1.5

An Asian handicap football bet with a value of +1.5 means that a team with this parameter gets an advantage of one and a half goals even at the start of the game. The better will receive a win if the selected team wins, draws or loses by no more than one goal.

And vice versa, if you bet on a team with a handicap of -1.5 asian handicap, then the better will receive a win if he wins with a difference of at least two goals.

Asian Handicap Betting Tips

Beginners and experienced bettors are advised to pay attention to Asian handicap tips, which will help you make effective bets on events in the world of football. Of great importance in this case is a well-executed analysis of information, including the state and form of the team, successes and defeats in previous games. If a team has been replaced and a rated player does not enter the field, then the bets on winning can be greatly reduced.

Pay attention to player injuries. On the form in which the team members are. Many Asian handicap bookies not on gamstop attract competent analysts and periodically publish important information on the composition and form of different teams on the site. The more data a better gathers, the higher his chances will be that the bet with a handicap will play.
If the teams are approximately equal in strength, then you should not bet with a big handicap. And vice versa, if the participants have a different level of play, the probability of winning by a large margin of the favorite increases significantly.

Martin Webster
Casino Expert

Beginners mistakenly believe that handicap bets should only be made when teams of different strengths are playing during the match. But if you carefully study the Asian handicap explained, compiled by experienced betters, it will become clear that handicap bets are appropriate in any case. The main thing is to carefully understand the rules and analyze the state of the teams participating in the matches.

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