Esports Betting in the best Bookmakers

ESports has gained great popularity among fans of computer games, as well as fans of sports and betting on it. This is facilitated by the dynamism of eSports, a large number of tournaments with really large prize funds (often the prize Fund of tournaments exceeds $ 1 million), and the fact that any fan and player of the discipline who will show a high level of play can become a professional eSports player. So, many professional eSports players started their careers at a really young age (18 years or less) and earned good money, both from tournaments and from sponsorship contracts.

Place a bet
Place a bet

The list of eSports teams, tournament draws and interest in this area from bookmakers is growing. But the rules and features of this sport are still being studied by bookmakers. This allows you to hope for errors in quotes, which attracts betters. Esports betting is an unusual industry that allows you to make large profits when choosing the right bookmaker.

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Types of sports cyber events

Despite the fact that eSports betting has appeared relatively recently, bookmakers offer a wide range of different markets (events that you can bet on). The number of markers depends on the type of tournament and the teams performing on them. the higher the prize pool of the tournament and the higher the rating of teams, the wider the selection of markets offered by bookmakers. Unfortunately, in eSports, there are also match-fixing matches, but players who were seen in them receive a lifetime disqualification.

The most popular eSports disciplines are the following games:

  1. CS:GO
  2. Dota2
  3. League of Legends
  4. Rainbow 6
  5. FIFA20
  6. NBA 2K20
  7. NHL 20
  8. Spike Volleyball
  9. StarCraft II
  10. Hearthstone

Betting on CS:GO

The most popular eSports discipline. Every day there are a lot of matches and CS:GO tournaments of various levels of play, and every betting fan and fan of the game will find exactly the one that will be interesting to watch, as well as interesting to place a bet. You can choose one of the best csgo betting sites in UK at our rating.

Bookmakers offer a variety of stores in this discipline. Thus the following layouts are often presented at the largest tournaments:

  • Victory of one of the teams,
  • Handicaps (by cards, by rounds in the map, by rounds in the match, by the number of kills in the match and the map),
  • Totals (total cards, total rounds on the map, total rounds in the match, kills in the map and match),
  • Number of rounds won (in a particular map, in a match, the number of pistol rounds won),
  • Exact score of the match.

Certain bookmakers offer their clients to bet on the statistics of certain players, but such bets are found only in the largest tournaments. You can bet on a match either before it starts or during it.

Bets on Dota2

Despite the fact that the prize funds at tournaments in this eSports discipline are the largest, it is not the most popular. Perhaps this is due to the fact that it is a little more difficult to understand the game, and is not as dynamic and diverse as CS:GO. In this discipline, a large number of matches are also held among teams of different levels of play. Matches in Dota2 are interesting because they keep the intrigue until the last minute, because one wrong fight performed by teams can dramatically change the outcome of the map and the match.

Bookmakers offer the following options for betting on Dota2 matches:

  • Victory/Draw/Defeat,
  • Handicaps on cards,
  • Roshan’s First kill,
  • The number of kills (one of the teams or the total in a particular map),
  • The duration of the card,
  • Who is the first to score 5/10 kills in a match.

There are also additional markets for matches, but they are very rare in certain bookmakers and only at the main tournament of the year, namely TheInternational, which is held once a year in late summer.

Bets on League of Legends

The game is very similar to the game Dota2, but has its own distinctive features. It is not very popular in the European arena, but it is very popular among Chinese eSports fans, which is why it is one of the most popular games. Due to the fact that the game is not as wildly popular in Europe as in China, bookmakers often limit the number of markets for these matches. They offer the following betting options:

  • Victory/Draw/Defeat,
  • Handicaps on cards,
  • Number of murders.

However, during major tournaments, the number of markets increases. It is worth noting a large number of scandals that are associated with match-fixing, mostly these matches did not solve anything for one of the teams, so they lost a match that did not mean anything. This was seen as both the players and the whole Chinese organizations.

Betting on FIFA20, NBA 2K20, NHL 20

These matches are often short-lived (3-6 minutes period), but this gives them additional dynamics, because unlike regular sports in these disciplines, there is practically no tedious and protracted game in the center of the field. In this discipline, everything depends on the players who manage the teams and there are almost no “mistakes” of goalkeepers, players, as well as mistakes of the judges that can affect the final result of the match. Bets in these disciplines do not differ from bets on the usual in the understanding of many sports. Bookmakers offer the following types of bets:

  • Victory/Draw/Loss in a match or half (in NBA 2K20 there are no draws in a match, but overtimes are played until one of the teams wins),
  • total goals (in a match, in a half, for a certain team),
  • Handicaps (for a match, for a certain time),
  • Who will score the first / last goal in the match.

Every day there are many different matches, but there is a small nuance in betting on sports events. Each player has his own specific style of play, which often does not always suit the team for which he plays. For example, a player can perfectly play for a certain European Grand (Barcelona or real Madrid) and completely fail for the national team of a certain country (Brazil or Germany).

Other eSports disciplines

Other disciplines ( Rainbow 6, StarCraft II, Hearthstone) are popular with certain players and do not have such a wide fan base, so bookmakers offer a modest selection of markets for these matches. They are often limited to winning a specific map / match. However, these dissociations are equally represented in all major bookmakers. Due to the small fan base and prize funds, matches of these disciplines are not held as often, but bookmakers offer wider markets during major tournaments.

LIVE Betting on eSports

The most popular and profitable type of betting in eSports. It is possible to bet before the start of sports matches, but with such bets, you can not predict certain features of the game, which in the end may be very important.

For example, in the CS:GO discipline, a lot depends on the map where the teams will face off, and these maps are selected just a few minutes before the start of the match. For some teams, the percentage of wins on certain cards exceeds the 80-90% mark, while other cards are failures and are at the 25-35% mark. During live betting, bookmakers mainly take into account only the current account, as well as the initial coefficient for winning teams, completely ignoring the economy of the teams, which can lead to an economic round (85+% that this round will be lost, since the team plays without armor and with pistols).

In the Dota2 discipline, much depends directly on the choice of heroes (peak). Often, the team that has the last choice (peak) has the advantage on the map. Also, after selecting the characters, you can roughly determine what style the game will be played in (aggressive with a large number of kills or sluggish, where the farm of certain artifacts will prevail).

These aspects should be taken into account in the first minutes of the match, when the odds for the outcome you like do not have time to sink or even disappear. Often teams can lose big, however show a pretty good game and the second team on the contrary, believed in their victory too relax, in this case you can risk and put on a “comeback” for the losing team with great odds or simply bet on a positive handicap.

In sports cyberdisciplines, you can pay attention to how a match between 2 players takes place and, based on additional information, make a bet on the best odds.

Also, in live betting, you can play it safe or catch a fork that guarantees a profit at any outcome of the match.

Watch live streams and eSports matches

Many sports broadcasts have exclusive contracts, so to watch them, you must either pay to watch the match, or have a subscription to certain channels. This rule does not apply to eSports at all. Most of the eSports matches can be viewed directly on the bookmaker’s website, and if they are not there, then you can ha nibi watch it directly in the game itself or on the stream.

Viewing eSports matches will help you understand the shape of teams, as well as their strategies, which can help you choose the right bets in the future. During streams, streamers share their Analytics and forecasts for the match, and often streamers are either former professional players or professional commentators of matches, and they know the features of the game teams, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. Viewing matches of professional teams will also allow you to improve your level of play, because it is in them that you can see certain innovations and understand the nuances of the game.

Viewing streams and matches will also allow you to catch an interesting bet at a very favorable coefficient. Favorite of the match and maps in CS:GO can start the match with a score of 0-3, but this does not mean that HE will lose this card, since after losing 1 round, he did not make an economy. Knowing the nuances of the game and watching the stream, you can catch bookmakers on mistakes in coefficients and bets, which means increasing your chances of winning a bet.

Insights on e-sports betting

ESports, as well as betting on it, are rapidly developing and arouse the interest of more and more people. The appeal of eSports betting is as follows:

  1. Interesting odds and a large number of matches,
  2. Interest when watching eSports matches,
  3. No purchase and contract matches (because players are afraid to end their professional career ahead of time)
  4. the Absence of external factors that affect the outcome of the meeting (referee Errors, player injuries during the match, etc.)
  5. the Ability to watch the game of teams for free using broadcasts and streams.

Experienced players, as well as bettors, have the opportunity to evaluate in advance the victory of teams, depending on certain nuances that open immediately at the beginning of the match, and this event bookmakers can not control and often make mistakes with coefficients for certain outcomes.

What is eSports?expandcollapse
This is a category of computer games for teams or individual opponents, on which you can place bets at bookmakers.
How to bet on eSports disciplines?expandcollapse
To switch to e-sports betting, a player needs to register on the website, replenish an account, select a line, a drawing and a market.
How to choose a bookmaker for cyber betting?expandcollapse
The choice of an institution is based on the study of many criteria: a license, the breadth of the eSports line, a list of rates, bonus and promotional potential. If you don't want to waste time looking for a place, choose a club from our list.