Freespins – Best Casino Offers 2020

Free spins at casinos are the most popular tool for attracting players, which motivates users to register faster. Free spins are available in many video slots, because providers prefer this particular bonus. If you prefer to play slot machines for real money, this gift is just for you. What are free spins, how to get free spins and what types are there today? We will talk about this and other in the material below.

What are free spins?

Many active players in the gambling industry are familiar with the concept of “free spins”. However, it is difficult for novice users to understand how this type of promotion works. Therefore, we will initially tell you what free spins or free spins are.

This concept is understood as a certain number of free moves, rounds or spins in slots that allow users to evaluate a new machine without spending personal money. However, the money won is the property of the user and allows subsequent play. And if you manage to fulfill the special conditions of this bonus, you can easily withdraw funds to a bank card or electronic wallet.

Free spins are issued not only by the casino administration. They can be obtained as a bonus while playing the slot. In this case, this is another part of the bonuses that increase the player’s chances of winning.

But the main task of bonus spins is to attract players’ attention to the official site. As a result, the institution gets a new gambling audience, and users are a good starting ground for conquering the heights of the entertainment industry. Moreover, you get the opportunity to play for free, but for money. This will allow you to get your first win at an online casino without spending your own money.

Free spins have been around for a long time. However, just a couple of years ago, these bonuses were actively introduced by Polish casinos. The issue of attracting players to new slots is especially relevant, which is impossible without bonuses such as free spins. At the same time, the advantage of free spins in comparison with the usual welcome bonus for registering for a deposit is the small size of the wager. This promotes quick wagering and withdrawal of winnings.

Many online casinos offer free spins today. But not every institution is ready to give free spins on transparent terms. More often, clubs hide under this concept a win that is inaccessible without making at least one payment. It is he who is the target of the scammers, after which the blocking of withdrawal or the account as a whole begins. Therefore, we have created a rating of gambling establishments that adhere to the concepts of honesty. Experts have verified by experience the accrual of free spins, as well as wagering them in the declared or any machines. So you can quickly find an online casino with bonuses of interest and not get caught in the trap of intruders.

Types of online casino free spins

Today, gambling establishments can offer free spins in the form of separate bonuses for deposit and registration or for making separate payments. There are also free spins without the need to credit the starting money. Sometimes for this you need to indicate a promotional code available on social networks, mail or fan sites. Free spins can be part of other promotions or welcome packs. However, all such proposals can be divided into two main groups:

  • Free spins no deposit. These offers are mainly available to new players. They can be activated directly on the official website after registration, using a special link of partner sites, using a promotional code in order to lure newbies. This gift belongs to the category of no deposit bonuses and allows you to start playing in a paid mode for free. Free spins allow you to earn starting money for a long game without requiring financial investments from the player. However, not many modern portals in Poland can offer such a gift. It is also credited for installing mobile casino clients, for inviting a friend, as well as for the terms of the loyalty program.
  • Free spins for registration and deposit. Gifts of this type are awarded to both beginners and regular customers on the condition of a certain promotion. Users only need to comply with the minimum deposit conditions to activate the present. Sometimes this can be done with a promo code during the deposit process. This category of rewards includes free spins for a deposit (analogous to a percentage bonus for a deposit), FS as part of welcome packages. The last type is combined, which implies giving out both a percentage gift and free spins. For example, a bonus of 100% of the first deposit amount up to PLN 500 and 100 free spins as a gift.

Free spins can be awarded to players for different actions. For example, a bonus in the form of FS is considered to be common for a weekend deposit or for deposits within one week. And the size of the gifts received depends only on the chosen casino. To find the best deals with the most favorable conditions, study our reviews in the ranking. Featured clubs offer 20 to 100 free spins to new and regular players. Moreover, the active game on the site will not be unnoticed. Such players will receive individual free spins in the form of bonus codes to their email address.

Free spins rules and wagering

One of the main requirements for free spins is the wager. Since you get free spins and play absolutely free in the paid version of the slot machines, the casino imposes a limit on the withdrawal of money after a full wager. This is easier to see with an example:

  • You have received 50 Free Spins to play Starburst Slot.
  • Having played on it, you have earned 500 PLN.
  • To make a withdrawal of this money, satisfy the wager x40.
  • This means that you need to spin the amount of 500 * 40 = 20,000 zlotys on the reels of the machine.

Wager is a kind of online casino insurance that reduces the risk of losing money. Not a single gaming service will do charity work and donate money just like that. Otherwise, online casinos would quickly go bankrupt and cease to exist. This requirement forces the player to wager money in order to be able to withdraw it to a card or wallet. If the player does not have time to scroll through the entire amount of funds within the allotted time, they will be canceled from the account.

The size of the wager depends on the wishes of the casino owners. Today this indicator ranges from x1 to x45. Of course, there are other establishments in which the size of wagering reaches fabulous sizes in x50-x100. There is no need to waste time on these clubs, because it will be extremely difficult to win back such a gift even with its minimum size. Even if you are a professional and still be able to scroll the entire amount about 100 times, it will take you several months.

Free spins withdrawal limit

Even if the player manages to wager the full amount of funds received from free spins, it is necessary to take into account the size of the maximum withdrawal according to the bonus condition. This rule is available in all online casinos and saves the institution from bankruptcy. Thanks to the use of a random number generator to determine the result of the drawing in slots, no operator can be sure of 100% of the players’ losses. Therefore, it is insured, cutting down the possibility of withdrawing large amounts of bonuses.

Therefore, be sure to read the terms of free spins before activating them. In them you will find out the required amount of wagering, as well as the limit for withdrawing the funds won. These concepts are often very different. For example, you have to win back 10,000-20,000 zlotys, and you can withdraw no more than 500. Only the most reputable and generous establishments offer withdrawing amounts of several thousand zlotys after free spins. To find just such a place, look through the available reviews in our rating.

Free spin price

Many connoisseurs of gambling know that users set their own bets for each spin. There are various betting ranges available to you, which depend on the provider and the selected machine. It can range from a few cents to tens or even hundreds of euros per spin. However, this factor does not work in the conditions of using bonus offers. Often, online casinos with free spins will limit the value of each spin in the rules. Players are not allowed to exceed the established limit, otherwise their game will not be credited to wagering.

Therefore, we recommend that you always look for this indicator in the rules of the chosen institution. The operator often limits free spins to a bet size of 10-30 PLN. You should not violate these parameters, because at the stage of withdrawing the won back money, you may expect an unpleasant surprise.

In which games can you use free spins?

Most players want to enjoy playing the slot machines with bonus spins. This is a great money saver, courtesy of reputable portals. But players can not always count on a warm welcome and a cozy game, because some establishments offer to play for free in certain slots. It is not uncommon for clubs to choose the most sophisticated slots with low percentages of returns. This makes it much more difficult to wager the money received and forces the player to pour in his own funds.

In our establishment you will find online casinos with adequate free spins conditions, available either in popular models among players, or in any reel devices from the collection. Classic emulators like Starburst, Lucky Lady’s Charm, Gonzo’s Quest, etc. most often appear in the free spins rules. It is in them that it is much more profitable and convenient to play for free spins.

Free spins time limits

Unfortunately, players have a certain number of days to complete wagering free spins. This requirement is attached to every bonus offer on online casino sites. It shows that certain period for which the user must have time to use free spins and wager the full amount after playing on them.

If fans of gambling are not able to scroll the gift amount in time, all funds on the bonus account will be burned. This is successfully used by dishonest establishments, setting minimum wagering limits of a few hours. In our rating, you will find verified portals in which this limit reaches 7-14 days. This is more than enough to satisfy the wagering rule.

Remember, always read the rules and compare the wagering times when choosing bonus spins. You should not choose portals with a limit of 1-2 days. It is more correct to insure yourself and activate rewards with the possibility of wagering at least 7 days in advance.

Benefits of using free spins

The profitability of free spins directly depends on the gambling establishment and their rules. Initially, the size of the incentive is considered to be a factor in the success of your campaign with this bonus. Some 10 free spins will not allow you to earn a sufficient starting bankroll with which you can continue to play without your own investments.

The second factor of profitability is the size of the wager, which affects the time and effort spent on wagering the gift. Those free spins are profitable where this parameter reaches x15-x25. However, there are also options with a wager up to x40. All bonuses above these indicators cannot be considered profitable.

Remember, free spins can increase your bankroll. This means that the gaming session will continue with additional money. The more moves you can make, the higher the chances of getting an impressive prize. This is the tactic used by high rollers who prefer to make at least 200-300 spins in each slot. Therefore, free spins are always beneficial if selected at the right club. Fortunately, there is our rating of verified portals, where the best free spins conditions are available.

Online casino rating with free spins

The presented list of online casinos cannot be considered an advertisement or marketing tool. This section is for informational purposes only and does not promise to start playing for money. We just want to protect active users from choosing fake and fraudulent casinos that lure into the site with fabulous free spins and “favorable” conditions for playing. The rating of a single portal with free spins is formed by a detailed study of the parameters of the institution, its bonus system, feedback and complaints from players. All bonuses are verified by experience by experts with extensive experience in the gambling industry.

The main goal of the rating is to satisfy the needs of the audience of gambling enthusiasts. It is about offering reliable and proven casinos with the best conditions for newbies and regular customers. The portals indicated in the list guarantee the strictest confidentiality of data and complete security of your funds. The support staff are tested for professionalism and politeness, which is also an important factor in choosing a club.

We are constantly updating information about free spins in this section. This keeps you up to date with the latest offers. Considering the growing number of online casinos, our rating will not allow you to get confused and choose a fake casino.

Can I get free spins more than 1 time?
Free spins for registration are credited once per account and from one IP address. Multiple accounts will block all profiles. But if we are talking about a reload bonus, then free spins are available once a day, week or month.
Are free spins available in every game?
Carefully read the rules of the selected offers, because it is in them that the answer to this question lies. Some free spins can only be used in certain slots. Daily or weekly spins can be accessed on any drum device.
What to choose: free spins or no deposit bonus?
If we compare no deposit free spins and bonus money for new players, then it is more correct to choose the first. The reason is that you get a certain number of spins and earn the bonus amount with your own hands. The fixed offer does not provide a choice of the size of the prize.
Can I refuse free spins?
In some online clubs, you must select the starting bonus directly during the account creation process. In others, free spins can be activated after registration in the player's personal account. In any case, both there and there is an option to refuse a gift.