Best Casino Bonuses & Promotions 2020

Many Polish and European online casinos offer great deals on their platforms. Some of them are available to beginners and motivate them to start playing with extra money. Others support users in difficult times, giving them a second chance. However, not every institution announces all its rules at once, guaranteeing transparency and absence of pitfalls. This is precisely why our rating of online casino bonuses was created, which helps to accurately choose an Internet institution with the most profitable reward system.

Why are casino bonuses needed?

Today gambling establishments cannot do without bonuses, because it is this component that attracts users to the site. In the face of serious competition and the daily appearance of hundreds of new establishments, each of them is trying to stand out. That is why new types of bonuses are being developed for new players and guests, which guarantees them the best conditions for gambling. No deposit bonus casinos allow you to play for free. Deposit incentives help to save personal funds in the form of good premiums.

Online club bonuses are a bright element of attracting users to the site, contributing to a rapid increase in bankroll. This approach allows you to make more moves in machines, slots, cards or table games. Sometimes these funds can be obtained free of charge, that is, without spending a penny of personal funds. With such incentives, you can test slot machines and other simulators without personal loss of your honestly earned money. However, bonuses are only available to registered players. Therefore, choose a club from the rating and evaluate the incentive program by experience after registration.

But not all gaming portals are interested in issuing bonuses with real conditions. There are some hidden rules that make withdrawing money very difficult or impossible at all. In order not to waste time on such gambling platforms of scammers, choose an online casino from our list. This will allow you to safely play and withdraw money after wagering bonuses. We’ll talk about this later.

Bonus benefits

The modern bonus system of the institutions presented in the rating allows users to receive significant privileges. Casino gifts have a large number of advantages, among which the following are the main ones:

  • Ability to increase your bankroll for long-term cash games.
  • The use of bonus money in any game simulators, taking into account the maximum and minimum bet limits.
  • Help for the campaign for the jackpot, because with bonuses you can make more bets in the slot machines.
  • Increase in the likelihood of winning due to more money in the account.
  • Significant reduction of your own cash losses, taking into account the activation of online casino bonuses.

There are other benefits of activating rewards, including the option of testing unknown gaming machines, free to play in a paid mode, etc. However, it is important not to get to scammers, because their bonuses cannot really be won back. Therefore, pay attention to our reviews on the site and choose a casino from the list.

Online casino bonuses rating

Our experts have created this rating of the best bonuses so that active players from Poland do not make the wrong choice. Thanks to a detailed check of each of the presented online clubs, we have identified the most optimal conditions for bonuses and promotions. No pitfalls and conditions in small print. Only real benefit for active players.

We have put together a collection of bonus and promotional offers that can really help during a long session. These gifts for registering on the site or depositing funds increase the players’ chances of winning. However, checking many gambling establishments with your own hands is time consuming. Our experts have done this job for you, creating a rating of online casino bonuses.

In the reviews of the reward system of the declared online casinos, you can find all the characteristics, payouts, activation and wagering rules. The rating includes only those offers that our professional players were able to play by their own example.

TOP 3 casino bonuses

All experienced gamblers know that today there are a lot of bonuses. We simply will not have time to consider all the variations. Therefore, we identified a certain top of the best groups of gifts:

  • No deposit casino bonus

Often, this type of bonus without replenishment of the account is issued for the fulfillment of an elementary condition: registration on the official website of the casino. This offer can be presented to players in the following guises:

  • Bonus for registration without a deposit.
  • Free invite to participate in exclusive tournaments or lotteries.
  • A variety of temporary incentives, dedicated to holidays or special events.

A no deposit casino with a start-up bonus may offer different types of this gift:

  • A certain amount of money to play in any simulators.
  • Free spins of the reels of the specified slot.
  • Freeplay bonus.

A bonus without a deposit in cash is credited for registering to a bonus account. You can start using the money immediately after entering your personal account and activating the gift in it. The funds received are available for playing machines and slots, card and table games, in live casinos and other variations of entertainment.

Free spins are an analogue of the first option. The size of such a bonus depends only on the administration. Sometimes this is a fixed number, at other times – the accrual of free spins in an individual amount at the request of the administration. Often this gift without a deposit can be activated in one machine specified in the rules. All the money earned will become the player’s starting capital and will help to win real money after wagering the bonus.

The no deposit casino can also offer temporary testing of machines and slots. This bonus is called freeplay. Sometimes users are given the opportunity to wager a certain amount in time and get it to the account. In the vast majority of cases, this amount of funds simply burns out after the specified time.

  • Welcome bonus for registration

This is a very popular type of gift for beginners, available in almost all establishments on our list. We are talking about the percentage of the present accrued from the amount of the initial account replenishment. Moreover, the amount of such a bonus depends only on the preferences of the casino owners. Often, you get for registration and the first deposit from 100% to 500% of additional funds.

The welcome bonus can be split into several offers. For example, players have the right to receive premiums in the form of 100%, 110%, 120% of the sum of the first three replenishments. The rules of this bonus always prescribe the conditions for the minimum and maximum crediting. You should also take into account the limit on the withdrawal of funds after meeting the wager conditions. Therefore, carefully read the rules of any bonus before activation.

The starting gift from the casino can be combined. This means that in addition to a certain percentage of the deposit, the user also receives free spins. The online casino offers from 10 to 100 free spins, which are played on a separate wager.

The welcome bonus can only be used once. The gift cannot be mixed with other offers. He has an activation period after registration and a time to wager the received amount of funds.

  • Reload bonus

This offer is often referred to as a Reload Bonus. It is designed to support the loyal customers of the gambling hall, and also as a motivator to replenish the account more often. By the type of promotion, the bonus can be realized in the same way as the welcome one. We are talking about the percentage of the amount credited.

There is a reload bonus in the form of a premium for the first 5-10 deposits. The size of the gift varies from 100% to 500%. Sometimes such gifts allow you to receive a minimum surcharge of 10% -20% of the top-up amount. A feature of mini-bonuses is the minimum wager or its complete absence.

A reload bonus can be presented as a constant amount or as a percentage of the deposit. It can be activated one or more times a week or month. As a rule, under the terms of this gift, you will not be able to receive fabulous sums. More often it is realized in the form of 10-50 free spins or 100% -200% on the account.

Other types of bonuses

Above we have presented to your attention the most popular groups of bonuses. However, there are other options for increasing your bankroll using online casino funds. So, other bonuses of online gambling establishments are:

  • Bonus for the invited friend

Many establishments push the player to advertise their own gaming hall. If you are interested in your friends and they are ready to play on the site, you can get an additional gift for the invite. The essence of the proposal is that a friend enters the site using your referral link and goes through the registration procedure. As soon as he deposits the account for the first time, you will receive 50% -100% of the amount credited.

Some establishments have no limits for inviting friends. If you are relaxing in a large company of connoisseurs of gambling, you can earn a lot of money for this.

By the type of accrual, it is a no deposit bonus that is issued without having to pay any contribution. However, the money received will have to be won back according to the wagering requirement.

  • Cashback online casino

In this case we are talking about a bonus for regulars of Internet establishments. According to the cashback rules, users can return a certain part of the lost money. The amount of the promotion depends on the player’s status on the official website. It can reach 1-50% of the lost funds.

Often, the formula for calculating cashback looks like this: Total amount of funds lost – Money won * Cashback percentage. However, there are other formulations of payments. Therefore, it is important to carefully read the terms and conditions in order to understand the refund system.

Cashback is issued to players daily, weekly, monthly. It can be charged only if there is no money in the account or just for a certain date. Some establishments give players a refund based on the money lost in the previous period. But there are also cashback options in the form of internal points, which can then be exchanged for money, buy bonuses for them, etc.

Today, a huge number of cashback varieties are known. Some clubs offer a refund for winning or losing bets. Others issue cashback from the total number of replenishments for the billing period. Third, they charge the return of lost money when winning in tournaments or lotteries. Still others offer cashback as a VIP member privilege.

  • Bonus for choosing a certain payment system

This reward option is extremely rare on the sites of reputable gambling establishments in 2020. As a rule, in these modern clubs the player is offered an impressive number of methods of depositing or withdrawing money.

In cooperation with popular payment services, some of them offer a bonus for using this named method. For example, by making a payment for a certain amount through Skrill, you will receive compensation in the form of 5% additional bonus funds. Perhaps withdrawing through Neteller will add another 5% -10% of the amount to your bonus balance.

But today it is difficult to find establishments with such gifts. This is often due to a decrease in transaction fees. Therefore, always check this offer and check the payment methods. Unclean establishments can advertise such a gift, but exclude the possibility of using a payment method. Excuses can be individual site rules or territorial restrictions for players.

  • Loyalty program or online casino VIP club

Reputable gambling establishments offer active participants to compete for VIP levels on the site. To do this, users must accumulate internal points in their account, starting from registration and the first deposit. These points are awarded for frequent top-ups, cash gambling and lottery tickets. After collecting a certain number of points, you move to a new level of the loyalty program. For this, the administration rewards you with lucrative privileges and bonuses.

Basically, VIP players can receive the following set of bonuses: no deposit gifts and large deposit bonuses, free spins and cashback with low wagers, accelerated withdrawal of money and increased payout limits, the help of a personal manager and participation in unique tournaments for VIP members. The most successful users will be able to qualify for the drawing of expensive gifts. They are expensive alcohol, mobile phones, speakers, computers and laptops, an evening in an elite restaurant and even a paid trip to exotic countries.

  • Bonuses for high rollers

This offer is aimed at high-stakes players. The promotion is available to players who fund their account with impressive sums of money. It allows you to double a large deposit or even get 200% of the deposited amount. However, this gift also has a wagering requirement. Therefore, in this regard, there are no discounts for high rollers.

This bonus is considered additional and is available only in a few online casinos from our rating. The gift acts as a kind of advertisement for the generosity of the gaming establishment. In this case, the player receives an impressive increase in his deposit and the help of an individual manager.

In addition, high rollers always receive special VIP-privileges under the loyalty program and bonuses depending on the player’s activity. High-stakes players can request an increased withdrawal limit and withdraw money faster than regular players.

  • Online casino promo codes

Such a promotional offer is not available to all gambling establishments. Only reputable establishments with a good reputation can afford them, because promotional codes are, in fact, free money from the establishment. They are alphanumeric combinations and look like this: FREESPINS, BEZDEP100, BONUS10, etc.

Promotional codes can be obtained individually when they appear in the player’s personal account or by mail specified during the registration process. Bonus codes can be found on forums, reviews, ratings and other themed sites. They are issued by partners of casinos and sites of one gambling network. Promo codes are available to members of groups and communities in social networks opened by the administration of the selected casino. Therefore, always subscribe to the promo-mailing of bonuses and updates in the club that suits you for the game.

Promotional codes are equipped with some conditions: validity period (most often 3-7 days), level of minimum and maximum bets, bonus option (money, free spins or cashback). They are easy to activate, because at many establishments you can find a special field during the registration process. In some cases, activation of bonus codes is carried out through correspondence with the support service.

How to choose a suitable bonus in a legal casino?

Today, Polish casinos offer a wide bonus system that can confuse inexperienced players. Often, users simply choose the first gift they come across, hoping for the honesty of the chosen portal. You do not need to do this, because there are fraudulent clubs whose purpose is your first deposit. Under the guise of a large bonus, they will ask you for a minimum deposit amount, after which you will not be able to wager the bonus due to strict conditions.

We have collected some simple tips to help you choose the right online casino bonus:

  • Availability of the bonus in your country – we recommend that you initially check if the selected gift is available in Poland. Some establishments do not talk about such restrictions and even allow you to activate the present. However, at the withdrawal stage, it turns out that the bonus is valid in other regions. Even if you win it back, you won’t be able to withdraw it to your card or wallet.
  • Wager size – this condition combines all types of bonus and promotional offers. Cashback money, winning a lottery or tournament is also subject to a wager. It indicates the number of times the bonus received should be wagered. If you want not only to use a gift from the casino, but also to withdraw it from the official website, do not choose bonuses with a wager of more than x50.
  • Bonus size – if the institution offers fabulous sums of money, you should be on your guard. Most likely, there are unique rules that do not allow the withdrawal of such a volume of additional funds. It is more correct to choose an average reward of 10-50 PLN or 10-100 free spins per account. In this case, you have a better chance of earning money from casino bonuses.
  • Game simulators for wagering the bonus – pay attention to which machines and slots offer to wager the bonus. Very often, clubs deliberately remove classic games from the available ones, because they have a high percentage of returns. Also, ask if the bonus can be used in card or board games. Often this point is omitted and appears only at the stage of withdrawal.
  • Hidden conditions – oddly enough, online establishments also use the “small print” tactics. Read the bonus terms carefully despite the tedious process. In them, you can find prohibitive factors in wagering money in certain slots, for example, making a bet in a double game. You may also find it necessary to make a minimum deposit in order to withdraw the bonus, which is initially listed as no deposit.

You can bypass all these obstacles and get a really profitable bonus using our rating. It contains reviews of establishments and their bonus system. Choosing the right club, taking into account personal preferences, you do not have to worry about pitfalls and withdrawal of the won back money.

Bonus wagering and protection against bonus hunting

It is noteworthy that the wager did not always accompany bonuses and promotions. Previously, gifts were given to players for the purpose of luring and the house did not require wagering them. Cases of bonus hunting have become more frequent, which means the withdrawal of bonus funds after receiving them at the casino. Naturally, portals can quickly go bankrupt if they give money to each player. Therefore, a wagering system was implemented to reduce the load on the casino.

The wager shows how many times you need to scroll the received amount of money. This also applies to the funds earned by completing the free spins in the reel machines. However, in some portals there are also wagerless bonuses. However, there are additional conditions such as the minimum deposit and others. Here you will find clubs with transparent conditions, which will allow you to quickly win back the gift with the experience and knowledge of the industry.

To understand in more detail the meaning of the concept of a wager, consider an example. Let’s say you received 40 PLN as a no deposit presentation. The bonus has a wager x35. This means that in order to gain access to the withdrawal of money, the user must wager 40 PLN * 35 wager = 1 400 PLN must be scrolled on the reels of the declared or any slots.

However, do not forget to read the rules of the selected bonus to the end. They clearly state the limit of money that can be withdrawn after wagering the entire amount. Taking this example, we can see a situation where the wagered amount is 1,400 zlotys, and only 100 can be withdrawn. Therefore, you need to think about the benefits of incentives, especially in terms of time and effort.

If you choose the right casino bonus from our ranking, you won’t have any problems wagering. The sites feature the best slot machines and other simulators with a 95% -98% return. Given the high frequency of formation of winning chains, you can easily wager the received bonuses and withdraw at least half of the online casino money from them.

How to choose a casino with bonuses?

Remember, bonuses are a marketing ploy to lure players to your site. Gaming service owners understand the power of this attention grabber. That is why there are many promotional offers in many casinos in Poland and Europe. But you should choose places with gifts carefully and carefully, because not all of them can be considered reliable.

Initially, study the reviews of players who have already played with the bonuses of this casino. Review user complaints and review the terms and conditions offered on the site. This will allow you to find out which bonus is more profitable and whether there is any point in activating such a gift at all. It is also important to read the rules that indicate financial restrictions on betting and withdrawing money. You should look for the hidden meaning of bonuses, especially the need for a first deposit.

If the player does not have extensive experience in the gambling industry, he should rely on our experts. It is unlikely that he will be able to conduct an analysis of the benefits of this or that bonus with his own hand. The player will definitely not understand the terms of the offer, which can entail significant financial losses. Therefore, choose clubs from our list on the site. They are tested by real professionals with rich experience in the field of gambling.

Where to play for bonuses?

To understand in which slot machines and slots to play for bonuses, you need to test more than one machine. Therefore, you can spend a lot of time playing on your own. Fortunately, each of the available establishments has a demonstration mode for launching machines. You do not have to pay for bets, but you can understand the structure of the game, the list of bonus games, as well as factors affecting the speed of wagering bonuses: free spins, respins, wilds, scatters, etc.

You can also read reviews from professional players on the forums. Often, successful players share the place of receiving the bonus and the scheme for wagering them. On these thematic portals, you can even find out the names of running machines. Some players willingly share the tactics of the game, which makes it even easier to wager the money received from the institution. Do not play at random rates at all. It is better to listen to the opinions of experienced users.

Basically, players with many years of experience recommend wagering slots in classic emulators from providers such as Playson, Novomatic, NetEnt, Microgaming, Igrosoft. Often, knowledgeable casino developers intentionally deprive players of the opportunity to run these lucrative slots. In this case, you need to think about changing the online club.

We advise you to play for bonuses in casino slots presented on our website. We have selected the best casinos that include slot machines with high percentages.

Mistakes when activating bonuses

Once again, we urge you to carefully study the rules of the gambling establishment and bonus conditions. Read promotional offers and loyalty program to the end. Ignorance of the terms and conditions is the most common mistake of users. It always leads to one result – blocking the withdrawal of even the casino money won back.

In order not to face problems of this kind, consider the advice of the experts:

  • Do not give up learning the rules of wagering and withdrawing bonuses halfway.
  • Do not engage in bonus hunting by creating multiple accounts.
  • Play within the limits of the wagering range.
  • Run only those slot machines that are not prohibited by the rules of a particular bonus.
  • Do not apply until the bonus wagering is complete.
  • Without having won back one taken present, do not activate the next promotion.
  • Pay attention to online promotions, because you activated them in one institution, you are not allowed to use bonuses in another.

If any problems appear in the rules of gifts, immediately write to the casino support. This will avoid violating the terms and ensure the withdrawal of winnings without problems.

Should I take an online casino bonus?
Bonuses allow you to increase the stock of funds in the player's account. This means that you can make more reel spins or bets on the same roulette. This extra margin will increase the chances of earning big wins. Therefore, you need to take a bonus if you choose on our website.
How to choose a bonus?
If you decide to choose a bonus for further play, pay attention to studying the characteristics of the offer. Find out the size of the promotion, its duration and indicators for wagering. Do not choose gifts with large prizes and high wagers. In this case, it will take a lot of time to play the presentation.
Where can I find bonuses?
To find lucrative online casino bonuses, players have to monitor more than one establishment. They need to evaluate the rules of each available gift and identify the best ones. To avoid such analysis, choose bonuses on our website. You will find their descriptions in the reviews.