Casinos without a Swedish license

Since January 2019, many changes have been made to the regulation of online gambling in Sweden. These changes include several restrictions for both providers and players that limit the level of pleasure from playing on an online gambling site. As a result, many players are now looking for the best online casino without a Swedish license because of their ability to provide conditions similar to those offered to them before the introduction of these stricter rules. We will provide you with information about Swedish licensed non gamstop casinos 2022, which will help you decide on the choice of a Swedish casino.

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Why play online casino without swedish license?

After the updated gambling law was introduced in 2018, the Swedish gambling industry underwent a major makeover during 2019. To accommodate the new law and the increased responsibility of the agency, the previous gambling agency, Lotteriinspektionen, was renamed Spelinspektionen.

The new casino swedish law states that every casino that wants to enter the Swedish market must obtain a government license to play. This license is now issued to casino operators rather than individual gaming platforms. This means that every casino that is operated by an operator must meet the stringent requirements of Spelinspektionen.

Taking into account the new conditions of the game, casino not have a Swedish license is becoming more and more relevant, which have a number of advantages. Let’s take a look at the most beneficial ones:

  • 100% confidentiality. Privacy is an element of every online casino that many players care about. Most players prefer No Self-Exclusions online to avoid being scammed. This is one of the benefits of using unlicensed Swedish casinos. With them, your personal information will be completely safe;
  • No deposit restrictions. Casinos without a Swedish license do not have any deposit restrictions. Hence, you will be able to place higher rates and deposit as much as you like. The thrill of gambling may continue and you may end up withdrawing more money into your account. Try to take advantage of this and develop a good winning strategy;
  • There is no rule of three seconds. This rule is very annoying for most Swedish players. Foreign casinos do not use pauses after spins, so many players prefer it. When you start playing at unregulated casinos, you have more freedom. You can start playing on the new website today and enjoy this bonus;
  • Cryptocurrency payment. In addition to the classic payment methods (credit card or e-wallet), the Casinos without Swedish License also offers an available payment method in bitcoin. If you use cryptocurrency, we advise you to check if the selected gaming platform supports this modern payment method;
  • A large number of bonuses. Non-Swedish casinos offer many bonuses to their loyal players. They have promotions for existing players on international online casino sites. This is the reason why many Swedish players choose to play any unlicensed swedish casinos. Every day, players are credited with a new bonus. You can join them and enjoy the prizes.

Since these online casinos are not licensed, some players find it difficult to trust them. There are many factors that make publishers not apply for a license, for example, paying 18% tax for online casino operators. High taxes are often the main reason why Swedish casinos without license are more profitable than their government counterparts.

Criteria for choosing a non swedish licensed casinos

Casinos without a Swedish licenseBefore playing at casino no swedish license and not on Gamecare, pay attention to the following points:

  1. Select a casino from the list

Select new uk casinos without Swedish license from the list of brands that do not have a Swedish license, and register using the bank ID or enter your personal data.

  1. Choose a deposit method

Choose between Credit Card, Bank Transfer or Trustly.

  1. Choose a welcome bonus offer

Check out the options available on betting sites without a Swedish license and start playing with a welcome bonus or free spins.

  1. Choose your favorite game and start playing

Choose between a live casino, slot machines or bets on a non-regulated swedish casino without license and play to win on your new casino site in Sweden.

Payments on casino websites, casino outside Sweden

payment methods in casino without swedish licenseAs for the payment methods available at the online non-Swedish casino non gamstop, there are not so many differences compared to licensed establishments. Players can deposit and withdraw funds using their credit / debit cards, such as Visa and Mastercard, as well as use a number of e-wallets, such as Skrill, Neteller and Ecopayz.

The Swedish payment system Trustly is widely supported throughout Europe, which also opens up many opportunities for playing at casinos without registration on Gamstop. The only payment method that you will definitely not find in a casino without a Swedish license is Swish, because this system works exclusively with SGA license holders.

As for the payouts, Swedish casinos without a license show approximately the same results for Swedish players as for players from other countries. Usually, withdrawal requests are processed within one day or even faster, and there are no obstacles to receiving a payout from a casino without a Swedish license.

Alternative self-exclusion schemes and responsible gambling

Until April 2019, more than 30 thousand people signed up for the self-exclusion program. However, these services are not available in casinos and sports betting not on gamstop sites without a Swedish license. This means that you should look for alternatives in case you want to take advantage of the restriction alternatives from gambling. Since these websites are independent, they do not offer self-isolation functionality.

  • Gamstop (for UK players): While there are several ways to get around GamStop, 99% of internet sites are known to use it. It helps regulate the market and help people who have gambling problems. This is a useful tool that everyone can use in difficult times, but if you want to keep gambling, then Alternative Self-Exclusion Scheme will help you to continue gambling;
  • SpelPaus: You can take advantage of internal gaming tools to help you overcome your problem. If you need to take the first step, you should start blocking gambling sites. While many Casinos without Swedish Licenses do not work with SpelPaus, they tell you what alternative self-exclusion tools you can use;
  • GamBan: This software blocks computer access to all online gambling sites. This includes casinos and other websites associated with such games. To help overcome the temptation, you cannot delete it unless the license expires after a year or use the services of Non-Swedish casinos. The only way to continue playing is by using casino swedish, which is not part of the GamBan system.

Casinos without Spelpaus vs licensed Swedish casinos

Spelpaus is a really good idea for those who believe that they have developed a gaming addiction and they need to take a longer break from online games or stop playing forever. When playing with Spelpaus, you can automatically disable all casinos with a Swedish license and prevent further gambling. However, this does not apply to Swedish casinos without a license, as they do not meet the requirements of the Swedish license.

Playing non-licensed Swedish casinos offers several great advantages, namely:

  • Lots of bonuses. Welcome bonus, cashback, deposit bonuses, etc. are open for you. The amount of the benefit that will be available to you has no restrictions.
  • BankID is not required: there is no need to check your bank ID before you can withdraw money.
  • Convenience: the player wants to create an atmosphere that matches the atmosphere of the game, and he will get all this without leaving his home, thanks to online casinos without gamstop, that deliver all the entertainment to the players.

There are also some obvious disadvantages of using an unlicensed online casino in Sweden.

  • Fun can turn into addiction: players can get easy access at any time. This is plausible for players who know their limits to stay in the game, but those who can’t fight the desire to play without a break are in a terrible situation.
  • Private environment: Online casinos take care of the privacy of their players. But sometimes it becomes too private for players who like to spread an aura of communication around themselves and constantly interact with new people.
  • Players can become a victim of fraudulent casinos: most online casinos without a license are honest and reliable, but not all. This increases the chances of fraud in cases where players do not monitor their activities.

Martin Webster
Casino Expert

Non-licensed Swedish casinos will grow 10 times in the future, referring to the current rules in the field of gambling. Although many countries have enacted various gambling laws, the result reverses the accepted outcome. In turn, the result is an exponential growth of casinos without a license in Sweden.


Are casinos without a Swedish license safe for Swedish players?
Yes, Casinos without Swedish License are safe because they have alternative licenses (MGA, Caracao, etc.)
Are non-Swedish casinos registered with SpelPaus?
Do the casinos accept Swedish players?
Yes, casino not have a Swedish license accepts Swedish players.As in many other countries, Sweden has strict laws for those who engage in gambling, but not for players. Playing online games in Sweden is not a criminal offense, and many foreign operators serve the Swedish market.
Can I play with a credit card at unlicensed casinos?
Oh sure.

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