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Blackjack is the leader among popular and interesting online slots not gamstop. The reasons are clear: simple rules, fast games, you can play not only with luck, but also thanks to the right strategy.

Blackjack slot machine: bonuses, symbols, mobile version and features

Participants can play against the dealer, the task is to gain more points than the croupier, without exceeding the limit of 21. Gamers’ scores cannot be compared, for example, if the dealer has a bust, then everyone who has less than 22 wins.

When the original combinations are obtained, the choice is offered – to be with your own or to take more in online casinos.In the second option, basically two solutions are offered – take any number of cards up to 21 or receive only one, double the bet.

22 points or more – a loss despite the dealer’s score. In certain versions, before the start of the set, you can give up: a gamer can refuse to participate and can get back 50% of the amount of bets.

In the beginning, there are about two points up to 21 on the hands. Based on the current score, the strategy changes.

If there is a pair (for example, 10 and a queen), you can split (Split) – subdivide combinations into two hands and dial for any separately. The number of bet chips must also be doubled.

It is not difficult to calculate which combination is recommended – ace with ten, jack, queen or king. Such combinations are called blackjack:

  • If a gamer has it, the payout increases – 3: 2 instead of the usual 1: 1.
  • When 21 turns out to the dealer, he wins.
  • If the gamer’s and the dealer’s blackjack is a draw: the chips may return or the casino takes the amount.

Both real and virtual gaming clubs offer versions with modified conditions. The changes relate to the paid coefficients, roughly the distribution or be more radical. You can play blackjack for free according to special rules on the no deposit casinos in Internet, where non-standard versions can be found more often than in offline casinos.For example:

  • Play in two hands with the switch option.
  • Change the second card for half the bet amount.
  • Bonuses for additional conditions: winning jackpots of the same suit, special combinations (777, 678).

Gambling establishments are able to offer the following types of bets:

  • Main. Available in any variation. You can only bet on your jackpot. It is impossible to make a bet on the winnings of a dealer or another participant. In some clubs you can play multiple hands with a separate bet.
  • Additional (side, special). Not available in all cases. A bet is made on special conditions of distribution, for example, on a pair of identical suit or the number of points less than 13.
  • The size allowed is indicated on special plates on the gambling table.

Comparing with most gambling games, not only luck is important here, but also basic strategies, which are based on mathematical theory:

  • The highest drop rate is 10 points. This must be taken into account both when typing and when analyzing dealer combinations. So, in some clubs, if the dealer opens an ace, due to the high probability of the victory of the gaming club, they provide an insurance bet.
  • Other people’s combinations are visible to everyone. You can estimate the probability of falling out of some denomination.
  • In land-based gambling clubs, decks can be shuffled after several games (shuffle). By keeping track of which cards have come out, you can effectively predict the outcome, but the gambling establishment struggles with this technique.

In addition, professionals do not advise taking insurance. The probability of its payments reaches 4/13, which is about 31%.

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